A leap of love and faith

Some adventures take you far away. Some adventures bring you home.


On July 27, 2013, family and friends gathered on a sunbathed grassy field in Abbotsford to witness Bryan and I jump out of planes and into matrimony. We exchanged rings that we forged ourselves, melting down old family jewelry that is broken and not worn anymore and then remaking them into rings together. To us, they symbolize the richness in love and traditions we have inherited from our families but also new beginnings as we join together to start our new family.

The wedding was beautiful – family, friends and fun. It was themed a Top Hat and Corset Affair and many guests also dressed up. We had a Best Dressed contest, Make-your-own Sundae Bar, Finish this sentence “Love is…” banner, Decorate-your-own Mini Top hat, a potluck reception with heaping amounts of delicious food where we had to add another row of tables for all of the food to fit, a rockin’ dance playlist with everyone’s submitted dance favorites and party favours made by CAN that featured chocolate in bags made in Togo, West Africa! From the wedding gifts, $400 was directly donated into health programs in Western Kenya and the rest will be used towards our honeymoon fundraiser, Cycle from Vancouver to Patagonia, which continues to raise awareness and funding for the health programs. The ride from Vancouver to Patagonia at the southernmost tip of South America will take us about a year and a half to complete and will start September 3rd, 2013!

Check out our wedding website:
which is made in honour for all of our wonderful guests and all the love and positive energy they sent our way. Our family and friends made this happy day possible!

As a teaser for the website, here is a video of my jump. There’s more pictures and videos on the wedding website! Don’t forget to sign the guestbook on the site (http://maggieandbryan.wordpress.com/guestbook/)