Our whole cycling trip in one song

The video is to the song  “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony. Love it or hate it, this song followed us around throughout Latin America and we heard it everywhere. As time passed and we learned more Spanish, the lyrics started to … Continue reading

Rosario: An Unexpected Homecoming Experience

Cordoba – Oncativo – Villa Maria – San Marcos Sur – Cañada de Gomez – Rosario – 410.6km Rosario has been a bit of an unexpected homecoming experience. The stretch of towering apartment buildings overlooking a long green park area … Continue reading

The Lemming Effect and a Potential Alternative Lagunas Route via Northern Chile

How do travellers choose the places they want to travel to? What inspires you to go to a certain place or take a certain route? Hearing about different trips people have gone on and reading in guidebooks helps in most … Continue reading