The Lemming Effect and a Potential Alternative Lagunas Route via Northern Chile

How do travellers choose the places they want to travel to? What inspires you to go to a certain place or take a certain route? Hearing about different trips people have gone on and reading in guidebooks helps in most … Continue reading

Salt and Sand – The challenging but stunning remote riding on the Altiplano in Bolivia and Northern Chile

There are two things that cycling in Bolivia seems to be known for: salt and sand. Cycling in the high Altiplano in Bolivia is challenging but its hardships are almost spoken with reverence, that it is a test to prove … Continue reading

Summary of cycling from Cusco to Lake Titicaca: Flat roads, killer wind and suprisingly gorgeous churches on the Peruvian Altiplano

In this 534km journey over nine amazing days, we rode from Cusco up to the La Raya Pass at 4335m and then onto the Altiplano plains and then finally along the sapphire blue jewel of Lake Titicaca. After 3 weeks … Continue reading

Epic Northern Peru from the border to Cajamarca

After our muddy exit from Ecuador, we had about two weeks to ride about 650km through northern Peru to Cajamarca where we would catch a bus to Lima to meet up with Bryan’s parents for a few weeks. Many cyclists … Continue reading