Diving in Komodo National Park – Video

The video opens with a sunrise in Komodo National Park and then it shows the boat we called home for 7 wonderful days, the Mikumba Ratu Laut as we are heading to a dive site in a dingy. You can hear our dive guide, the knowledgeable Tom count down the instructions, “Regulators in…3…2…1” and then we all roll back off the boat at the same time into the water. We are descending to Crystal Rock in the gorgeous blue, kicking down against the current to get to the reef. Crystal Rock can have some currents but those currents also bring excitement and it is where the sharks like to dwell.

Next was a more relaxing dive experience  around a coral pinnacle at the Lighthouse dive site. The following clip is a manta swimming up to us at Manta Point. Next is a napoleon wrass fish behind the clouds of anthia fishes at Batu Balong, another famous site that feels like you’re swimming in a fish bowl. The next scene is a giant moray eel and then a couple hawksbill sea turtles, first one hiding under coral at Batu Balong and the second munching on some coral at a protected reef at the end of a wicked drift dive. The next is a majestic eagle ray at Crystal Rock, a white tip reef shark at Castle Rock, schools of travelly at Batu Balong, and a couple more white tip reef sharks at various dive sites.

Then, it is my favourite dive site: Mauan. At Mauan, there are two cleaning stations where mantas come to for reef fish to pick off any parasites or scabs to promote health. In the videos, you can see all of the reef fish, so small in comparison to the huge manta! The manta clip is of a 3.5 metre “ninja” manta, which has more black than typical for reef mantas and is only found in this area! The last clip is of a hawksbill sea turtle heading up to the surface for a breath of air.

Now that you have seen a video, the next post is more about liveaboard life in Komodo! Stay tuned 🙂


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