Day 2 – Dark Water

Part 2  of the Liveaboard Series – Aug 12, 2016 – Gota Abu Ramada

Leaving Hurghada marina...we'll be back in a week!

Leaving Hurghada marina…we’ll be back in a week!

Descending into the deeps

Descending into the deeps

I always said that I didn’t really like night dives and then I realized today that I had only been on one night dive in my life, during my Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification about 10 years ago! The main reason was that dark water has always unnerved me a little. If I can’t see down into the inky liquid blackness, what could be down there? Well tonight, it was me! 10 years is long enough so I got a powerful underwater flashlight and look a giant step off the back of the boat down into the water and then down 12 m under the water with my diving buddy, a man named Hani originally from Egypt but now lives in Luxembourg. We had already completed two dives earlier in the day at Gota Abu Ramada reef that is also called “The Aquarium” because it is like swimming in an aquarium with all of the colourful coral and fishes, about 40 minutes boat ride from Hurghada, so I had seen what is down there. Well, at night, it was like a whole other world. I could see the orange dots in the darkness of the reef as shrimp’s eyes reflected the light of our torches. There were colourful boxer shrimp with their arms up like boxers as well as lots of crabs as well. Sea feathers unfurl their wavy arms to catch nutrients in the water and start to curl into themselves again as we shone our light onto them. Massive sea cucumbers were moving around and eating, looking like the worm monster from Star Wars but instead of teeth had tentacles with suction cups at the end coming out of the front. We saw moray eels and lion fish would follow us, attracted by the light. They can be quite persistent so sometimes we would shine the light off into the distance so the fish would head out into the blue following the light, and then put our hands over the light bringing the whole setting into darkness again. It was like playing fetch with a dog and pretending to throw the stick…..except underwater in an Egyptian Sea with a fish with sharp, poisonous spines. The lionfish eventually came back by our side sooner or later after a little swim. Well, here’s to facing fears and finding out that night dives are actually pretty awesome!

I saw what was down there during the day

I saw what was down there during the day


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