Post-Fasika Meat Apocalypse – Photo Essay

As we were walking back to our hotel in the early morning darkness on Easter Sunday, butchers were already doing brisk business. All of the Ethiopian Orthodox followers have been waiting 6 weeks for this moment when they can break their vegan fast and start eating the food that they love, meat. When we walked by the huge office building of the tourism bureau, we could hear someone sharpening knives. We looked over and there was a few people in the office yard and slabs of meat were hanging on the metal fence. While this sort-of sounds like the beginning of a horror film, offices often pool together and buy a couple cows to split between the staff. What I didn’t expect, however, was that they butcher the meat right on the grounds!

In the morning, I woke up to the sounds of melodic prayers from church speakerphones…but not the usual animals I hear in the morning. Bones littered the streets, there was a pile of goat skins that someone told me was the carcasses of 55 goats laying on the sidewalk and a small group of cow calves wandered the streets looking lost.


Butcher shop open at 3:30am on Easter Sunday to catch the crowd heading home from midnight mass…


In the morning, 55 goat skins piled on the sidewalk…


A lonely severed hoof on the road…


Some lonely young calves wander the streets…


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