Market Day in Assosa – Highlight of Assosa

Assosa is known for it’s Wednesday and Saturday market when the red earth field by the bus station fills up with people and goods. It is a riot of colours and people selling fruits, vegetables, eggs and clothes. All of the little stores around town are called “supermarkets” but that is really quite exaggerated of a term. The stores in Assosa are small, one room affairs only a little bigger than desk where the shopkeeper sits. The walls are covered with shelves filled with a small selection of goods like peanut butter, laundry soap, cooking oil, biscuits, some spaghetti noodles and tins of powdered milk. Think a general store from Anne of Green Gables or something…now imagine it smaller… While there are a few women that sell tomatoes on some sidewalk corners in the evening, THE place to get most food is at the Saturday market (or Wednesday…but we’ll be working during then usually). Tucked in behind the main paved road, a busy dirt road leads into an area filled with bales of hay waiting to be sold and loaded onto donkey carts at the entrance of the market. After the hay comes the homemade straw brooms for sale and then the veggies start. Women sit on the ground with their goods to sell infront of them. The strong sun is beating down onto the dusty red earth and some women hold umbrellas to give themselves some shade. Women smile shyly at us but mostly, the market is so busy that we simply weave our way through. There are piles of potatoes, heaps of tomatoes and bundles of lettuce with the roots still attached to them. There are bamboo frames that some vendors drape tarps over, sometime old UNHCR marked covers. It makes everything feel very transitional, like it’s a flash mob market where it is packed people and donkeys and stalls one day but a dusty open space with only a some skeleton bamboo frames another day.


6 thoughts on “Market Day in Assosa – Highlight of Assosa

  1. Hello Maggie
    We are glad to hear you are doing well. Amazing photos and blog. Reading about your adventures In Ethiopia is like a historic novel for me. I can,t wait to read what will happen next.
    Take care and enjoy the journey. Love auntie Phyllis and uncle tony.

  2. Truly amazing. We are getting our adventure through you. Keep it coming – look forward to hearing everything. Stay safe!

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