A Weekend on the Sunshine Coast Trail

Some of our summer adventures hiking up the Sunshine Coast trail! Nootka Island next week!

Vancouver Island by Kayak

It was a mad rush out of the city as we winded through a Friday evening’s traffic collecting our merry band of friends. When we were trapped in the gridlock on Hwy 1 with only a half hour before the ferry to the Sunshine Coast left, the forested trail seemed to be a distant dream. However, we made it onto the ferry with almost the ramp lifting and the ship departing just after our wheels rolled on to the deck. We were off!

image Bryan by an iconic arbutus tree of the southern Strait of Georgia coastline. Even in this small portion of the trail, we hiked through rugged coastline, a dense temperate forest that felt like another primeval world, a quiet bay full of marine life and a clearing through an old overgrown road that became a berry filled paradise!

The Sunshine Coast Trail is lesser known than the world…

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