Dreaming of the Blue

It has been about 2 months since we have returned from 19 month cycling trip from Vancouver to Buenos Aires, Argentina were we rode over 16, 200km. The past couple months has been a time to reconnect with family and friends and reflect on the amazing journey it had been. People sometimes tell us, “Oh what a trip of a lifetime!” and we agree. It was one amazing trip but we continue to plan for others. For example,

we now plan on circumnavigating Vancouver Island by kayak over this summer 2015!

Map of Vancouver Island. We plan on kayaking all around it
Map of Vancouver Island. We plan on kayaking all around it

It will be about 1100km of paddling from Victoria north along the east inner side of Vancouver Island up to the end of the Strait of Georgia into the Discovery Islands where Vancouver Island and the mainland blur in a myriad of islands. We will  round Cape Scott at the north end of the island then head south along the western outside edge of Vancouver Island. We will be paddling through, from north to south, Quatsino Sound, Kyuquot Sound, Nootka Sound, Clayoquot Sound and then finally Barkley Sound. We will continue south all the way to Victoria at the south end of the island, making it a full ring around the island.

Paddling from Vancouver to Alaska
Paddling from Vancouver to Alaska in 2010

We have a lot of experience with expedition kayaking in the wilderness as we paddled from Vancouver north to Ketchikan, Alaska in the summer of 2010. We really enjoyed all of the spectacular nature and scenery, fresh fish to eat almost every night and meeting challenges together with each other. It is exciting to embark on another voyage to explore all of the little channels, islands and beaches this time on Vancouver Island. When the means of travel is slower, I feel like you really get in touch with the local environments.

We tend to go an average of 20km per day and plan 10-12 weeks for this epic circumnavigating adventure!

Follow us on a sister website completely devoted to this spectacular expedition where you can see our plans and preparations, how we’re dealing with food, our gear and resources (currently under construction), some photography on the water, cool places to go and interesting things to do and a lot more!

Check out the Vancouver Island by Kayak website by clicking on the link below:



My kayak, Wavedancer, in Desolation Sound


One thought on “Dreaming of the Blue

  1. Wow. Another great adventure. Look forward to sharing your experiences via your emails/blog.

    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail Emerson


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