Another birthday on the road

It’s Bryan’s birthday. It’s crazy to think that last year at this time, we were in Guerro Negro in Baja California still relatively fresh in our travels and now we’re in South America …and half way down in Bolivia no less! It’s also a little crazy to think that almost three months of travelling is “still relatively fresh” but it seems like ages ago that we rode our bikes away from home in Ladner on a drizzly September morning rushing off to the ferry that we were already kind of late for.

So after almost a year and three months on the road, what are our thoughts?

We miss home. We miss our family and friends. I miss sushi and good wine…though we’re headed to Argentina next where we’re really excited for the food there. Bryan misses a reliably comfy bed, his video games and even his job. It’s another birthday away from home and soon it will be another Christmas away from home.

However, it is incredible the things that we have seen and places that we’ve been to. And it is incredible how we have gotten to these far flung places pedalling our bikes with our whole lives packed on them in four saddlebags each. We have a theory that impossible is only a frame of mind and we can do anything…that anyone can do anything if they put their mind and determination to it. A year and almost three months away from home, we are in freaking Bolivia in a dusty one paved street town where a small pharmacy/restaurant/corner store is the biggest store in town ….and this is the biggest town we’ve been in for over the last two weeks. We have just crossed four remote parks in Northern Chile and are about to head across the surreal salt flats of Bolivia before heading to the final new country on this epic journey, Argentina.

A part of us yearns for home and hugs from our family and friends but we know that we will return there soon enough. We are here now and there is so much to explore. The trick for this long journey (which you might say is called life…) is to be in the present and now. Each place that you’re in, treasure it and truely experience it for all you can because you’re in the window of opportunity that may not exist tomorrow. See each moment as magical because every moment is –whether it’s watching the sunset paint the landscape pink and purple from our own private hot spring in the middle of the remote Chilean Altiplano wilderness or thawing out tent in the morning after the condensation from our breaths froze in the night. Every moment is an experience and you rob yourself of the present when you loose yourself in the future or the past. One day, we will return home to our work and life and we should give it our 100% then too.

But….we are here now and there is so much to explore….

and we can explore it together.

I think it must be so much harder for a solo cyclist. We have each other to lean on if we’re feeling low, to hug with on those bitterly cold nights, to give a bit of encourgement on those final few kilometres on a long day, to speak English with each other and to share birthdays with. This trip is our very long honeymoon and I really treasure this time we have been able to spend with each other, living our lives on the endless stretch of pavement….and sometimes even beyond that past where the pavement ends.

It’s Bryan’s birthday today, the second one on the road, and it has been a fantastic last year and three months.



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