Breaking milestones in Ecuador

Dear awesome reader,

Our ride from Vancouver to Patagonia for charity and our honeymoon has been amazing so far and it is a little mindblowing to us how far we have gone since our wedding last summer on July 27, 2013.


We have ridden in the shadow of ancient giants in the redwood forests of Southern California, crossed isolated but beautiful deserts in Baja California, and explored ruins of the ancient city of Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico. We joined into a Carnaval parade in Guatemala, learned to surf in El Salvador, gave talks to a local school in Honduras, and jungle trekked and river rafted in Costa Rica. We have camped out in little indigenous villages in Panama where outsiders rarely (if ever) visit and we became local celebrities in our own pseudoreality show for a night. We sailed through the gorgeous San Blas Islands, celebrated on the streets with estatic Colombian football (soccer) fans after each Colombian win in the World Cup and mourned with them after their loss in the quarter finals, climbed into the Andes mountain range that is the spine of South America, relaxed at the amazing Santa Rosa de Cabal hotsprings where you cool off in 75m waterfall and volunteered at a little English school in Southern Colombia. We have seen some incredible scenery and met some amazing people.

Last week has been particularly interesting in breaking milestones  :)!!

We crossed into Ecuador, which is the 10th country on our trip since leaving Canada. This is a picture of us crossing the border from Colombia to the Ecuador at the Rumichaca bridge.

Crossing into Ecuador

Crossing into Ecuador

We celebrated our first anniversary in Ibarra, Ecuador in the shadow of two tall volcanos, Cotacachi and Imbabura. Over an amazing dinner at a local steakhouse, we reminisced about the amazing year we had together, the incredible things we have seen and the inspirational people we have met. We feel so lucky to have met each other and be able to go on these amazing adventures.

Celebrating our first anniversary in style!

Celebrating our first anniversary in style!

We crossed the equator, which means we have ridden all the way from the 49th parallel to latitude 000!

At the center of the world!

At the center of the world!

Almost right after crossing the equator, we crossed 10,000km ridden!

Went to the end of the numbers on my odometer! 10,000km at LAT 000!

Went to the end of the numbers on my odometer! 10,000km at LAT 000!

We feel really lucky to have the opportunity to experience the splendor of the Americas on this trip and also to have gotten to known you. We really hope that you keep in touch! Follow us and donate if you feel so inclined through our offical CAN blog – Also, we love to hear from you and get emails from family and friends on our long road south. Give us a shout though my email –

Sending lots of love and hugs,

Maggie and Bryan

Bryan on the road in northern Ecuador

Bryan on the road in northern Ecuador


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