Cooking with Deepti

Cooking with Deepti

Cooking with Deepti

*thanks Jenn for writing down these recipes*

Mint Chutney

Fresh coriander (coriander 2/3, mint 1/3)
Fresh mint
1 tomato
Juice of 1 lemon
Water to blend everything together

Optional* Add any of the following: pomegrante powder, mango powder, green apple, mango, peach

Cheeta (Lentil Pancakes)

Moong Dal (Soaked over night then blended into paste. Option to sprout the dal for 2-3 days for added nutrition!)
Rice flour (to thicken dal paste)
1-3 green chilis
2 cloves of garlic
Cumin seeds

Sprinkle water onto skillet to make it non-stick. Alternately, rub the skillet with a raw onion to make it non-stick and flavourful! Turn the temp down to spread dal paste onto skillet like you do when making crepes. Then increase the temp.

Poha (Rice Flakes)

Step 1:
Cover poha with water then strain. Mix in salt and sugar. Let poha sit for 15 minutes. Each rice flake should be separate, not sticking together.

Step 2:
Fry mustard seeds until they pop. Add onions, fresh curry leaves, green peas, salt and turmeric

Step 3:
Add in poha, roasted peanuts and raisins. Add fresh lemon juice.

Option to garnish with fried potatoes! Cut potatoes into thin strips, fry in hot oil, remove potatoes, then refry for extra crispiness!

Aloo Paratha (Potato Paratha)

water and flour

Potatoes, red chili powder, salt, onion, coriander, mango power

Tip: Filling and dough should be the same consistency so the filling doesn’t leak out when you roll the parathas.

Indian Green Tea

9 cups Water
7 Saffron
Green Tea
2 Red chilis (to be added in after all the other ingredients have been cooked and it has been taken off heat. Let chilis soak in tea no more than 2 minutes.)


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