Flash OM!

Forest of Om flash mob in Rishikesh, India

We have started to teach yoga to small groups of 4-5 other students where we each take turn teaching some poses. A few days ago, after we had completed the poses and we had a little time for some creativity. We had done what some have called a “Sea of Om”, though it wasn’t called that here. Basically, you chant “om” to your own breath so people are starting and stopping at different times, sounding like waves in a gently rolling ocean. From that, I thought of a “Forest of Om” where om is chanted to your own breath in tree pose. Instead of waves, it is now a breeze weaving through trees in a forest.

It worked out really well and the idea for a flash mob of om was born. As my first flash mob I’ve ever planned, I thought it was a lot of fun though I do admit I was a bit nervous through the whole process. However, I think it was a success – we had one person who we didn’t know and did not know about the flash mob until walking by it join us!! Also, another prominent meditater said that we cultivated a sense of calmness in a usually hectic city street.

No cows wandered our way though.


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