Quit monkeying around


We lay back in savasana, the final resting pose in our yoga asana practice, darkly translated to “corpse pose” as we lay on our backs with our legs and arm spread and bring stillness to our bodies. We go deeper into our relaxation, there is a CRASH, BANG, SCAMPER along the roof. Monkeys are jumping along the top of the corrugated tin roof.

Most of the time, I see a male and female with a small baby monkey hanging off her torso as they scamper from building to building. There are, however, other monkeys too.

Later, I was craving a chai tea as we are basically on a zero caffeine and almost zero refined sugar diet currently. We have herbal tulsi (sacred basil) tea in the morning and honey, lemon ginger or honey, lemon mint tea with our meals. It is kind of funny that we are in India but don’t have any chai as in the heavenly sugary, milky black tea. I was walking to a nearby café for a chai and chat and as I was walking down from my room to the lobby, I ran into a monkey on the second floor.

Let me first tell you a little about the environment. The staircases wind down and there is a little open area on each floor. On the second floor, the opening to the back of the building is completely covered by a metal trellis where vines are growing. In other words, I had the monkey cornered.

It looked at me. I looked back. I quickly looked away.

Apparently, the trick to monkeys is no eye contact. Then, you are not playing their dominance games and do not seem like a threat. I stayed put for a little while. The monkey did not move. I thought of going over to the other staircase but then I thought, “Why should I go to the other side of the hotel compound pretty much completely out of the way?” After all, I am the bigger primate! Haha

I slowly went down the steps, staying as far away from the monkey as possible and not making eye contact. I got by and quickly walked to the café with a bit of a giggle at how silly the situation was.

India, perhaps one of the only places where you can say, “Sorry, I’m a bit late. There was a monkey in my way”


3 thoughts on “Quit monkeying around

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. After reading about your experiences I almost booked a ticket to join you. Say hi to Jenn. Myrna

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