Monsoon is coming

The air is thick with anticipation. It is a wall of heat and humidity that actually feels to have weight. Yesterday, we were down in town during our lunch break getting some juice – I had a fresh mango lassi DELICIOUS! – at a little café that had a patio lined with rugs and cushions overlooking the Ganges River. All of a sudden, we feel a breeze and some drops on our face and then it started to rain.


The rain starting to roll in from across the river

You could see it rolling in the wavy splash patterns coming across the wide river. It rained cats and dogs…or should I say monkeys and cows? It soaked us completely on our walk back to the yoga school. The streets had turned into murky brown streams that I tried to not think too much about. On the plus side, the streets were that rare occasion of being empty with everyone, including the cows, huddled in covered places. There are a couple covered tunnels in amidst the shops and restaurants and it was really cute to see how the cows were almost like people, standing there crowded among people. I kept on having to wipe my eyes and wished I had windshield wipers on my glasses, it was raining so hard.


Rain rain rain!

This has happened a few times now. The humidity and subsequently the heat builds and builds and builds like we’re in a giant oven. There is no escape as you take a shower and almost immediately after, you’re that sticky, hot feel afterwards. The fan whirls overhead in my room but it just blows hot air. I have a cross-breeze through my front and back windows but again, it is just hot, humid, sticky air. It builds and builds until snap, it’s like the oven door opening and the sky breaks open and pours. It is not a long rain like at home when it is cloudy and drizzles all day. When it rains, it rains. After, however, it is cooler, the air feels distinctly lighter and there seems to be a breeze.

In the night, in the aftermath of a particularly large downpour, the wind was really blowing. It was blowing so hard that it rattled my closed door until the pin which locks it fell down and the door blew open.


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